Pads X

Pads X

The Best Way To Keep Notes On Your Macintosh

Download Pads X

You can always download the latest version of Pads X from this page. See the system requirements, listed below, before downloading Pads X.

Download pads-x-201.dmg

This is the latest release of Pads X. The version number is 2.0.1.

Documentation is available from the Pads X application itself via the Help menu. A PDF file containing a draft of the user manual is also included, and can be downloaded separately here:

Download Pads X Manual.pdf

An overview is also available on this web site.

A list of released versions of Pads X, with descriptions of bugs fixed in each version, can be found in the version history.

Known Issues

Currently there is one outstanding bug; I have received two reports of file links not working (file links are links created in a Pads X page that cause the file to be opened when the link is clicked). If anyone else has seen this problem, please write .

System Requirements

Pads X runs only on Macintosh models that support OS X. This includes most G3 Macs and all G4 and G5 Macs, as well as all Intel-based Macs. Pads X 2.0 is a universal application which runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Pads X currently runs on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar) and above. It may also run on 10.1 but I haven't tested it on a 10.1 system.

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