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Pads X Version History


The following bug was fixed:

  • When attempting to open a "legacy" Pads document (before Pads became Pads X) on an Intel Mac, the application fails to open the document and usually crashed. This is fixed, however styles may not be preserved.

The following bug was fixed:

  • In Leopard, Pads X would usually crash when closing a document or quitting while a document was being displayed.

The following bug was fixed:

  • Pads X did not handle multiple pages with the same title correctly in the Title pop-up menu. Duplicates in the menu were eliminated and the menu that resulted did not match up correctly with the actual pages.
The following bugs were fixed:
  • The "Purchase Online" option was apparently crashing for version of Mac OS earlier than 10.4.x. (It probably was not operating properly on Intel-based Macs either). This was fixed by using the most recent available version of the online software.
  • The preference option for choosing the location of the default notes file was not allowing current Pads X documents to be selected.
  • The tear-off windows did not have reasonable limits set on the minimum size, which could cause problems.
Pads X 2.0 will now read and convert files created with the original Pads (the one predating Pads X) thus making it unnecessary to use the previous version of Pads X as an intermediary. Note that currently the old file format can only be read when Pads X is running on a PowerPC machine, not when running on an Intel machine. (there is a way to force the application to run the PPC version on Intel, which should work). Of course, the converted file will work on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

A bug was fixed which was preventing the "Copy" menu item from being enabled when viewing image pages.
Various bugs related to encrypted files were corrected. The manual was updated. Some progress windows and some helpful alerts were added.

Some caution should still be exercised especially when using the encryption feature. Make sure files are always backed up. However, please use the new features and let me know about any problems.
Although at first glance there may seem to be little difference between this version and the previous version (1.3.1), this is in fact a major revision of Pads X. There are two big changes:

1) The old file format was abandoned and a completely new file format was adopted.

2) Pads X now supports password protection using industry standard encryption methods built into OS X.

Beyond these changes, the user will find a few cosmetic changes and may also find that some outstanding bugs have been fixed.
Whoops! When I uploaded the previous version, I didn't catch a crashing bug on exit when images were viewed. It's fixed now.
By popular demand, the category menu was moved from below the content pane to the top.
Some changes were made to enhance reliability of access to your notes. The principal addition is the ability to request Pads X to do automatic backup of pad files. A new option in the Preferences dialog allows you to automatically save up to four previous versions of your notes.

See Pads X help and the file "On Reliability" included with this distribution for more information.
Added a new feature: links to URLs and files. You can now embed live links in your notes. A web link will open which your default browser when you click on it. A file link will open the file when you click on it. You can drag file icons from the Finder into the note to create file links, or drag web links from your browser into the note. Links can also be created manually.

Users have reported that Pads X Help no longer works in OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) This is because Pads X Help was converted to use frames and Jaguar does not support frames in Apple Help as Panther does. Pads X Help has been modified in v1.1 so that frames are no longer used.
Marked check boxes in table view were not always updated correctly with batch changes to marked pages. This has been fixed.
The "Marked" status of pages is now shown in the titles list panel, and in addition pages can be marked directly in the table. This makes it much more convenient to manually mark multiple pages.

An option was added for purchasing a registration for Pads X online directly from the program.

Miscellaneous small bug fixes.
The "Save As..." item in the File menu was not implemented. This was replaced with the "Save To..." menu item, which is implemented.

Some glitches that occurred when navigating to a new page while in the midst of editing a page title were fixed.
Pads X graduates from beta status. Differences from 1.0b12:

Online help finished and presentation is improved.

Added some more menu commands to the Mark menu.

Added "Show Ruler" and "Show Fonts" tools to the Toolbar customization panel.

Added the ability to drag and drop images from Pads X pages.
Fixed a bug in drag-and-drop of files. Pads X would not recognize capitalized extensions such as ".JPG". Also, Pads X will no longer treat files with unrecognized extensions as text. All such files will simply be ignored. (A file name has to end with ".txt" or ".rtf" to be recognized as a text file).
Added the ability to change the default font and font size used for new notes.

Added preferences for hiding the pad windows and/or hiding the tear off windows at startup.

Fixed some bugs that prevented the titles drawer from being updated correctly in some circumstances.
Fixed a bug that caused tear off windows to be forgotten after the second time the Pads X document was opened. (That is, if the user created a tear off, closed the document, and opened the document again, the tear off would be there -- but after closing and opening again, the tear off would disappear.)

Add a feature to allow individual tear off windows to be translucent. The degree of translucency is controlled in the Pads X preferences and applies to all translucent tear offs. Each individual tear off window can be toggled between translucent and opaque via the "View" menu or through the contextual menu invoked by control-clicking in the tear off window title bar. New tear offs can be either opaque or translucent by default depending on a preference set in the Pads X preferences.
The following bugs were fixed:

Dragging JPEG files (.jpg extension) to the drag and drop pane didn't work.

Random crashes sometimes happened after deleting pages.

Title menu wasn't updated correctly after deleting pages.
Fixed a bug in the registration procedures that caused some reg numbers to be erroneously rejected.

Add a few confirmation dialogs.

Filled in most of the Padx X Help information.
Added a "Drag and Drop Pane" which is a separate window containing the same Drag and Drop Well present in Pads X document windows. This is a small window you can position anywhere. You may drag text, images or files to this window to create new Pads X notes. A preference is available to make this window floating, making it even more accessible. Display the window by choosing "Show Drag and Drop Pane" from the View window. It initially appears in the upper right hand corner, but you can drag it anywhere you please.

Also filled in a little more of the Padx X Help information.
Added a preference to make tear off windows ("stickies") float above all other windows. The default is for this to be off, you have to turn this on in the Preferences dialog to get this feature.

You can now drag and drop files (as well as selections) onto the drag and drop well. A new page is made for each file. There is a preference for specifying if you want the file name used as the title for the new page. This is really just adding in functionality that was already in the old Pads application. You can drag multiple files at a time, it will make a new page for each file, and you can mix text and image files.

Also filled in a little more of the Padx X Help information. Much more needs to be filled in, including most of the menu reference section.
Fixed a problem with conversion of old Pads files that contain font information that cannot be recognized in Pads X. These files can now be converted (sans some styling information in isolated cases). I hope this will address all remaining problems with conversion from legacy formats.

Also filled in more of the Padx X Help information and added some menu commands.
- Made changes to make conversion from old Pads format more robust.
- Split the "Do" menu into a "Page" menu and a "Category" menu.
- Implemented the "Go To Page..." command
- Fixed some problems with deleting categories.
- Made some other minor cosmetic changes. Added a little bit to the help documentation.
Rather serious bug prevented Pads X from launching due to a local library it was linked to that did not get compiled into the application. Fixed in this version.
Initial release of beta.

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