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Pads X

The Best Way To Keep Notes On Your Macintosh

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Before you purchase a registration, please make sure you are aware of the following points.

1) You do not have to buy Pads X to try it out. The copy of Pads X you download is not time-limited and there are no disabled features. You can try it out indefinitely before you buy to make sure it meets your needs. The only difference between the registered and unregistered versions are that the unregistered version puts up a "nag screen" when you quit. After a month of usage, you will also see a nag screen when you first start up Pads X. This is the only difference.

To reemphasize, if you are having a problem with an unregistered version of Pads X, registering it will not fix the problem. You may have discovered a bug and you should report it to . This leads us to...

2) You do not have to buy and register Pads X to report a bug. Any user of Pads X can report a bug or even ask assistance with a feature you are having trouble with. All bug reports are given the same priority whether they come from a registered or unregistered user. Please send all bug reports, suggestions and inquiries to: .

Purchasing Pads X

OK, you've tried out Pads X, find it useful and you want to purchase a license. Info on price and how to purchase follows:

$15 — Single User License
$120 — Site License
$1000 — World Wide License

Thanks for your interest in registering Pads X. Registration for this program can be purchased in the Kagi store -- just click on the link below.

Purchase Pads X Now!

Kagi accepts payment by via most major credit cards, as well as check, money order or cash. Payment by credit card will result in the speediest delivery of your registration information via email. Please note that orders from the EU will include an extra charge for "value added tax."

Please read response from Kagi carefully
When you register, you will receive an email entitled "Thanks for your Purchase." This email contains your registration information. The actual registration number does not appear near the top, you will have to read down a bit to find it.

Things to remember when ordering
Enter the number of registrations you want to purchase (generally "1") in the box provided. Do not enter the price, occasionally someone enters "15" into the box and ends up ordering 15 registrations for Pads X. Unfortuately, Kagi will charge that order to your credit card; when you report the mistake, you will receive a complete refund for the extra registrations, but Kagi will charge us with the fees involved, which add up to more than the price of the program.

Note for users of older Pads application
Registration numbers for Pads 1.x or 2.x will still work with Pads X. You do not need to register again. You will, however, need to reenter your registration info.

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