Pads X

Pads X

The Best Way To Keep Notes On Your Macintosh

Pads X Overview

The major features of Pads X can be described in a few sentences.

The basic function of Pads is similar to the Note Pad utility from OS 9 [See Note Pad Functions for more].

A page in Pads X can hold any amount of text, limited only by available memory. Text may contain any combination of fonts of any size or style. [See Pads X Text for more]

A title may optionally be assigned to each page. A menu button next to the title allows a page to be selected by title. [See Pads X Titles for more]

Pages can be grouped by category. Initially there is a miscellaneous category named "Notes" which always exists. You may create as many additional categories as you want. A single page may belong to more than one category if you wish! A pop up menu in the document window allows you to change categories quickly and easily. [See Pads X Categories for more]

Any page may become a "tear-off" page (similar to the notes in Stickies) by clicking on the tear-off bar directly above the text. The original note remains in the Pads document, and closing the tear-off window does not delete the original page. Any changes made to the page in the document window are refected in the tear-off page, and vice-versa. [See Tear-off Pages for more]

Pages can be "marked" individually or by other criteria such as category or content. Many useful operations can then be performed on the group of marked pages: they can be viewed, printed, deleted, saved to a separate document, etc. [See Marking Pages for more]

Pads X documents may be password protection. Protection can be limited to specific individual pages if desired. [See Pads X Encryption for more]

That's it! You now know the basic capabilities of Pads X, and if you followed the links in the paragraphs above, you also know how to use it.

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